Our Services

When you sign on with Estes Park Service Company we will not just drive by your home.

We will check on your home inside and outside(as much as weather permits).

We will inspect the following:

  • Exterior and interior signs of vandalism or trespassing

  • Check for any trees that have fallen on or near the house

  • Look for evidence of unwanted pests, or animals in the home

  • Check that all windows and door are locked

  • Look for visible water damage, leaks or mold

  • For long term vacancies that have water on, once a month we will run water in tubs and sinks and flush the toilets to prevent sewer gas coming into your home

  • Check refrigerator / freezer temperatures

  • If heat is on we will check the temperature in all rooms

  • Any extra homeowner needs are always negotiable

We will contact you right away if we see any problems.

We have a referral list of reliable honest, local professionals to help solve or fix almost any of these problems.

We are here to keep an eye on your home whether you’re away weeks, months or years.

“Don’t Leave Your Home Alone, Call Us.”
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Estes Pak Service Company
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